How to use the fitness treadmill


Something to eat before training, fasting exercise likely to cause exercise-induced anemia, a cup of juice before exercise or eat a banana, can make you fitter to exercise, but do not eat junk food, such as fried donuts.
Quick start mode selection:
Running a good chance preset program, when you run, just follow the prompts for data, you can choose a different exercise, such as “reduced fat Mode”, “cardio mode”, “climbing mode”, “Random Mode “etc.. Among them, the quick start mode can adjust exercise intensity.
Note body position:
To stand in the middle of the running belt and easy to step on the base too far forward, too far back easily left out, of course, do not deviation.
From walking to start:
Recommendations from 4-6 km / h walking speed, gradually transition to running. In addition, brisk walking can be more fat to use for energy, fat loss effect is relatively better.


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