Effects of high temperature on the human body


Medical research shows that the ambient temperature is closely related to the body’s physiological activities. Most comfortable ambient temperature between humans 20-28 ℃, the ideal temperature is 15-20 ℃, the human memory in this environment, high working efficiency; temperature 4-10 ℃, the higher prevalence in when the following 4 ℃, prone to frostbite, higher morbidity. When the ambient temperature is higher than 28 ℃, people will have no comfort. Temperature and then another job easily lead to irritability, heat stroke, mental disorders. At 30 ℃, the whole body will sweat glands to work; temperatures above 34 ℃, and accompanied by frequent heat shock, can also cause a range of diseases, especially the rising incidence of cardiac, cerebrovascular and respiratory disease mortality increased significantly. 37 ℃ temperatures above a certain protein on human destruction. If the body temperature reaches above 40 ℃, life center will be directly threatened. This is because the human body is the result of the brain’s central nervous system to direct normal activities, and the heat dissipation of the heat produced by the body are substantially equal, the temperature is generally maintained between 36.5-37 ℃, the body’s heat, except through respiration, urine outside mainly distribute heat through the skin layers. Since the emergence of high temperatures, causes thermal destruction of the body’s balance is generated stroke and other diseases. So put the date on the weather maximum temperature greater than or equal to 32 ℃ when set to hot weather. High temperatures into the high temperature and high temperature hot muggy weather two kinds of weather. Day maximum temperature greater than or equal to 35 ℃, relative humidity below 60% is called high-temperature hot weather; during the day the highest temperature greater than or equal to 32 ℃ reach 35 ℃, relative humidity above 60 percent called high-temperature hot weather. In such weather conditions, the body’s excretion of sweat from the skin out too late, the heat is difficult to diverge, feeling very uncomfortable. This is a direct impact on the natural warming caused by humans.


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