Prolonged use of laptops prone to frozen shoulder


The record number of computer users complain of pain and pain in the body parts to more than desktop users. This is because the desktop computer user can adjust the height of the computer screen to the eye in the same horizontal position, and the keyboard can be placed around the place about 20 inches below the screen, so when you use the computer can maintain a relatively comfortable position. In order to solve the irrationality of notebook design, while improvements should learn from the experience of desktop computers, allowing users to use the laptop when the laptop can maintain a flexible posture.
Plus long-term computer desk work, a lot of people too sick with the same symptoms of the above said, did not seriously start, only to continue to hurt for a year, no way, I discovered is frozen to the hospital, but after treatment or can be recovered.
Specific measures are as follows:
1, the notebook into the desktop
2, adhere to the triangular shoulder muscle group training.
3, is hanging horizontal bar, chin-up, beginning hurt, but very down to very effective;
4, is a climbing wall with one hand, arms close to the wall, try to climb;
5, is to touch the shoulder blades against the back with one hand, it is the back bone of the two events, but also painful, but useful.


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