How to make rough skin becomes smooth


Sweet potatoes: There moisturize the skin effect, make rough skin becomes smooth. Sweet potatoes and other vegetables, like slippery, with nourishing, strong effect of mucin and various enzymes ingredients. These components enable activation of cell functions, increase metabolism. These functions are available to strengthen the stomach, promote digestion, improve constipation caused by rough skin. Sweet potatoes mixed with salty prunes, better promote metabolism beautify the skin.

Lotus: rich in vitamin C and minerals, with efficacy, its better known hemostatic effect. Lotus recently proved beneficial to the heart, can be controlled promote metabolism, prevent rough skin effect. Lotus porridge Of particular efficacy, and lotus if combined, the better, just add 30 grams of lotus root in porridge.

Fungus: rich in vitamins and minerals, purify the blood effect, the skin is good food. China since ancient times that is regarded as longevity is not old, nourish, strong and beauty products saint. There are a lot of dietary fiber fungus, it is suitable for normal skin roughness caused by constipation by eating. Fried or soup can, can eat some, fungus plus dates of dextrose, the effect is doubled.

Sesame: In the past in order to maintain beautiful skin, and loves to eat sesame seeds. Even now, there are many people like to drink water and honey sesame.

In fact, the point of view of modern nutrition, the sesame seeds rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E, can improve peripheral vascular disorders, making the skin soft. Is dry skin who must eat food. Rough skin suffering of people drink tea every day sesame, the skin will get better, shiny.


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