Several indicators of physical water scarcity


The first signal of the body of water is thirsty. Dehydration can cause dry mouth and slight swelling of the tongue, so the summer to timely drink. With the drop in blood pressure and body tissues dry, dehydrated by the kidneys to concentrate urine or even prevent urine production. Urine concentration increases, the color will gradually deepened, dark yellow or amber serious. When the intestinal absorption of excess moisture, it will constipation. Once the body of water, more water to be absorbed by the intestine will rehydration, causing dry stool. Dehydration reduces skin elasticity. Doctors by “squeezes test” quick check of skin elasticity, determine whether the patient is dehydrated. In addition to blood flow and blood pressure drops outside, dehydration can also cause dizziness. When a major key signal which is rapidly stood up, suddenly lightheaded. Easily lead to long-term shortage of blood flow and blood pressure, blood oxygen level is lower. The lack of a sufficient amount of oxygen, it will weaken the muscle and nerve function, and thus easier to produce fatigue. Long-term water shortages will cause the body electrolyte imbalance, leading after exercise or sports persistent muscle spasms.


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