Mitigation of asthma


Study, to investigate the effect of vitamin D levels in the treatment of asthma, a team of scientists started to steroid efficacy in patients with asthma poorly targeted “sunshine therapy” experiment. It was found that vitamin D can inhibit asthmatic patient’s immune system overreaction, lack of vitamin D, may make asthma worse. Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, mainly generated by the skin exposed to the sun. Research indicates that there is a body’s immune system to help fight respiratory irritation chemicals. If the substance is too active, it will be more severe asthma. The research team found that vitamin D for this chemical, there is a certain extent. Scientists point out that the majority of asthma patients are treated with steroids, steroids are not necessarily valid for everyone. Inhaled corticosteroids are the preferred long-term treatment of asthma medication, however, a major side effect of the drug led to decreased vitamin D levels in patients, thus creating a vicious cycle. Vitamin D helps the body reduce inflammation. Thus, patients with more severe asthma should be more than the sun to increase vitamin D levels.


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