Phone affects sleep


Sleep Index report shows that six adults at bedtime play phone, tablet computer, a lot of people over one hour. Bedtime play phone is becoming a new factor affecting many people sleep. This is because sleep should be a quiet process, bedtime play phone, hand phone content is exciting, which leads to even reluctant to put down the phone, there is no guarantee you can lie down to sleep. On the other hand, the effects of light on sleep is very large, blue-white light emitted by the phone display will destroy our body’s circadian rhythm, causing difficulty falling asleep. A lot of people play phone easily forget the time, leading to the extension of the sleep time, plus up for work on time the next day, causing sleep time. So long, it disrupted sleep patterns, deprived of normal sleep. “If it is stress, disease affects sleep is forced, but the play phone to delay sleep really unwise.” Two experts have suggested that mobile phones do not play one hour before going to sleep, let yourself in a quiet state. Before going to bed, it is best to phone muted state, not on the pillow, as if they are the body during sleep, such as phone calls or text messages sound and light stimuli will cause frequent awakenings, the body is difficult to enter deep sleep again state, leading to decreased sleep quality. Feet with hot water before going to sleep can promote blood circulation. People with sleep disorders can also try to do something before going to sleep relaxation training, such as deep breathing, deep breath, silently count four seconds, and then suffocated one second, then exhale deeply, and repeatedly a few more times, basically you can relax.


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