Fitness changes brought to the body


Healthy but sedentary young people, even a few minutes of exercise can also change their muscle cells DNA. DNA inherited from parents, but exercise and other lifestyle factors in the expression or “wake up” certain genes can also play an important role. Games affect gene action is closely related to the strength and metabolism. Once the movement of the body, including the brain begins to release endorphins and other neurotransmitters different euphoric, these hormones play an important role in improving aspects of mood and depression. Experts said that after working for one hour, we might spare a few minutes to do some simple exercise, stretch, stretch the legs and kick and so can enhance the mood. A sweaty aerobic exercise can make a difference in muscle fat metabolism, increase fat storage in muscle, thereby improving insulin resistance leads to a fundamental factor for diabetes. After the campaign began, the brain blood flow, the higher the efficiency of brain cells, improve alertness during exercise, after exercise more focused. United States, “Boston Globe” published a new study found that even 10 minutes of simple movement can also improve attention. American anxiety and depression Society estimates that 14% of people will relieve stress through exercise. Increase in cortisol levels during exercise, heart rate, but they can mitigate the negative effects caused by psychological stress. New research found that 30 minutes of exercise a day, you can relieve the pressure by 30%. In addition, to ease the pressure should be at least three times a week running, hiking, aerobic exercise, such as playing time control in two hours or so.


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