Good habit of daily exercise


“Moderate exercise so they have a sense of fatigue and soreness is normal, but if the joint discomfort or feel exhausted after the end of the day, it is not normal.” Severe pain can cause injury, healthy exercise habits including moderation . No matter how much you love the workout, complete rest at least one day a week. For people who have healthy habits, food is fuel, not the enemy, not to keep fit and too much control of their diet. People should exercise into daily life, like arrange other schedule activities, it also requires a certain degree of flexibility. If I was busy and missed a workout twice, it does not matter. The use of other active physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, etc.) to compensate. Forced to engage in a sport they do not like is very difficult to stick with it. Choose one of your favorite sports and stick to it. Do the same exercise every day, not only boring, the effect is not very good. It should be the high-intensity and low intensity workout combining aerobic exercise and strength training cross proceed. Exercisers not necessarily going on private lessons, learn to engage in a new sport or learn to use the new equipment is also available. Although exercise choice of time and place of the influential effect of exercise, but if you like you can have a workout time and place, so that their movement up happier, then stick to it.


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