Hair loss prevention habits


Many reasons for hair loss, 80% to 90% genetic. Also a lot of pressure at work and in life when it is likely to cause hair loss, do not sleep at night, in the morning can not afford, “the habit is also one cause of hair loss, because even enough for 8 hours sleep during the day, too, could not get the body naturally repair. According to clinical display, now people much earlier than in the past alopecia of the past when people usually hair loss early 40s, but now many people are starting from the age of 30 had a lot of hair loss. causes are many reasons for this phenomenon , such as air pollution, stress, cell phone radiation and other factors. Additionally, the growth of hair from the blood, and excessive alcohol can affect blood circulation, the formation of hair nutritional deficiencies, resulting in hair loss. there is frequent hair color, perm, Because hair perm water and the water on the hair follicle tissue has damaging effects, thus creating new hair quality hair loss or alopecia grow again after a decline in medicine was called “alopecia” is localized patchy bald a sudden hair, most are due to mental stress caused. theoretically, after adjusting the mood can be repaired, but it is recommended that patients should seek medical attention immediately if found or symptomatic treatment. experts say hair loss is treatable, just find your own hair began to fall, it should be treated immediately with a targeted therapy, prolonged hair follicle cycle addition, daily 23:00 to go to bed;. attention to diet, to ensure that the rest; eat some breakfast; eat spicy food, eat protein-containing foods, such as fish, beans, walnuts, black sesame.


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