Current smoking may damage the taste buds


One study showed that whether you are a smoker, or have successfully quit smoking, tobacco will have an impact on your taste buds, let not fully enjoy the original bitterness of caffeine. As we all know, is present in tobacco toxic chemicals paralyzes people’s taste buds, resulting in the loss of some taste. In the proof of this issue, the French research team to extract the 451 study participants, which included smokers, non-smokers and people quit after research by taking their sweet, sour, bitter, salty four feel the intensity of flavor found that smokers who did not have an exception for sweet, sour, salty taste perception of the three, but their ability to taste bitter coffee receded. Research shows that out of every five had a smoking experience, it is not possible to correctly identify a bitter taste, which occurs in up to 20%. In the bitterness of the crowd does not recognize, 26.5 percent are smokers are, in addition to a 13.4% were non-smokers. The researchers explained: “Some of the combustion products of tobacco or tobacco on the human body has a certain taste buds function hindered, with the accumulation of damage, loss of taste that people will be people who have quit even if their taste buds have. compromised, taste is difficult to recover. ”


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