Swimming increased blood flow to the brain to help health


Swimming is an excellent exercise muscles can exercise. Swimming also increase cerebral blood flow, brain health benefits. Researchers let a group of healthy male participants were standing in an empty pool, the body does not move as far as possible. After 10 minutes sufficient rest, three pumps at a constant rate to 30 ℃ warm water is injected into the pond until the water level reaches the level of the right atrium those tested so far. After that, researchers gave participants were in the water activities that are not necessarily swimming in the water, including other aerobic activities such as walking and using transcranial Doppler ultrasound machine to measure the participants were cerebral blood flow velocity. The emitted ultrasonic instrument can record cerebral artery blood flow velocity. The researchers also measured changes in participants who arterial carbon dioxide and blood pressure to determine the factors that could cause large changes in cerebral blood flow. The results showed that when participants immersed in water, the middle cerebral artery blood flow by 14%, posterior cerebral artery blood flow increased by 9%. The research team is also conducting a new study for a period of six months, aimed at comparative analysis of water sports and land sports training impact on cerebral blood flow, respectively situation. The researchers said that underwater exercise helps improve blood vessel health, improve cognitive abilities. Next, they will discover what is the most beneficial way underwater movement brain and body health. These forms of exercise include water aerobics and swimming, but the results no matter what sport, water sport significantly better.


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