Not excessive vitamin supplements


Some specific populations, such as children partial eclipse, do not eat breakfast, eating disorders in adults, dieters, vegetarians, the chronically ill, the elderly restricted diet, the food is too fine, etc., need a small amount of vitamin supplements . Note that, if exceeded daily required standard, large quantities of vitamin supplements, may cause damage to the body resulting in a series. Therefore, specific to each person, in the end how much need to add vitamins, preferably under the guidance of doctors, must not blind chaos supplement. Water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins are divided into two types, water-soluble vitamins after taking can be excreted as urine, less toxic, but large doses can still damage the body organs. Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and other excessive intake, and can not be directly excreted through the urine, easy to accumulate a large number of lead poisoning in the body. 1 Vitamin A Vitamin A can maintain normal visual response, normal morphology and function of epithelial tissue and skeletal development. Mainly from milk, eggs, cod liver oil, liver, dark green or yellow vegetables and fruits. Excessive Hazard: If a large accumulation of vitamin A in the body, may occur demineralized bone, joint pain, dry skin, loss of appetite and other symptoms of poisoning. 2, vitamin D activation of vitamin D can promote calcium absorption, thereby enabling the bone calcification, maintain normal bone. Mainly from cod liver oil, liver, egg yolk, milk and the like. Excessive hazards: large quantities of oral vitamin D, can cause eye irritation, skin itching, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and fatigue. 3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B6 metabolism related, so the requirement to determine with how much protein intake. Mainly from wheat germ, milk, yeast, legumes, meat, especially liver better. Excessive Hazard: taking more than 50 mg per day of vitamin B6 can cause neurological side effects such as muscle weakness and tingling hands and feet.


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