The benefits of deep sleep


Daily 23:00 to 1:00 the next day, if this time can enter deep sleep, you can play a role in disease prevention repose. If this time is still working overtime late at night, excited busy, can cause liver and gallbladder H.-S., making rough skin, dull skin, yellow, and even melasma and other diseases. There are periods of sleep quality, not just what time slept eight hours you can during the day make up lost sleep at night not back up. When a holiday day in Mengtoutaishui, nor can usually “owed??” sleep make it up. So Lanjue undesirable for health and beauty harm than benefit. Control of sleep, get enough sleep some time going to force myself to get up, do not always lying in bed. Long lay motionless in the air will affect the smooth Wu Fu, the oppressed defecation center, resulting in decreased motility also followed, slowly appears irregular bowel movements, and even lead to constipation. If the time is too long but will aggravate constipation, so further weakness and unhealthy constitution. Inhaled fresh “gas” less, adding to the burden of the lungs, but also can not raise the “gas” to. Sleep late disrupts the body’s biological clock, disrupting normal sleep rhythms, long-term this will lead to insomnia. Disrupted sleep late meals rule will cause gastrointestinal disorders, leading to indigestion.


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