Unhealthy worst position


To a large pan of steaming hot food directly into the refrigerator can cause uneven cooling, and even cause food poisoning, because the heat will make pots of food in the fridge temperature, leading to the growth of bacteria. Solution: After doing the best food on the table to cool for 1 hour, or divide it into smaller parts and then into the refrigerator, it will cool too quickly. If you eat something distracted, they will unknowingly eating too much food. Research confirms that people who eat while watching television while eating while listening to music than people who eat faster, eat more than 71% of things. Solution: best not to watch TV in the dining room. People carry bags may be placed in various places: on the bus, in a restaurant, or even a public toilet, which allows you beautiful handbag bacteria move into a storage room. The researchers found in the survey, at the bottom of handbags per square centimeter 65,000 bacteria, and as many as 1/3 of the handbag carries E. coli. Solution: Be sure to stay away from the food bag, do not put on the kitchen table.


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