Eyes reveal your health


After took a mirror, is not found, it can be seen from the ear of their health status, in fact, through the eyes, we can see that their health status. Check it out together!

Black eye

Woke up and found muddy black eyes? Be careful! It may be too much waste deposited in the blood’s sake. Lower eyelid skin is thin, most likely reflecting the color of blood. Think about whether recent excessive pressure or fatigue. It makes around the eyes dim.

Medical experts say less late at night, eat more whole grains is the best way to eliminate dark circles.


Covered bloodshot “eyes”, warning that poor blood circulation. Do not trouble yourself eye drops, activities, head, neck, shoulders, upper limb blood flow to clear, and then a good sleep, your eyes enough rest, we can reduce congestion. If you are very busy, no time to rest, it may be in the back of your neck, shoulders painted some vitamin C lotion, help blood circulation, will soon be able to ease the red-eye phenomenon.

Fat particles

In addition I suggest you use oil-free cream, under the eyes of the fat particles deal. Medical experts also tell you that fat particles is high cholesterol alerts. Eat less fried foods and animal offal, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, annoying small particles will soon disappear.

Eyelid edema

Did not drink much water before going to bed, it is still badly swollen eyelids in the morning? You may humoral imbalance it. Metabolic disorders cause a lot of moisture, if accompanied felt lower limb weakness, dry mouth, may be your kidney problem. Healthy kidney can smooth body of excess water discharge, lack of water, he would slow down the metabolic rate, the moisture accumulation in the body. Resulting in mild edema. Do not worry, drink several glasses of water


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