Cold medicines should not drink water and honey together


Cold will probably cough, and honey cough role, so many people would drink honey water to alleviate the symptoms of colds cough. Here to remind you that cold medicine is best not to drink water and honey together.
Honey has the role of lungs and cough for Dryness cough. If the cough with little phlegm or sputum less and sticky or dry cough without phlegm, can be washed honey drink. But if you are taking antipyretics or cold medicine containing ingredients fever, while not taking the honey. Many cold medicines, such as Tylenol, crack, a sense of Rickettsia, cold clear all contain antipyretic analgesic acetaminophen, it encounters honey will form a complex, affecting the body’s absorption rate of acetaminophen thereby weakening fever effect. Similarly, all with honey proprietary Chinese medicines, such as cough syrup, ointment CHUANBEIPIBA and these cold medicines are not the same service. In addition, honey mainly played the role through the lungs and cough, cough caused by colds caused by exogenous due, not nourishing, it is best not to drink honey water.


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