Alcohol harm to the body organs


After alcohol enters the body, it will inhibit the antidiuretic hormone production. After the body lacks the hormone inhibits renal re-absorption of moisture. So old drinkers will run to the toilet, after a huge loss of body water and electrolyte balance of body fluids is broken, nausea, dizziness, headache symptoms have appeared. Alcohol can induce acute pancreatitis through multiple pathways. Such as alcohol stimulate the parietal cells to secrete hydrochloric acid, thereby affecting the normal secretion of duodenal secretin and pancreozymin ultimately makes pancreatic hypersecretion. Small amount of alcohol can cause chronic pancreatitis worsening symptoms of abdominal pain, increased frequency and intensity. Alcohol causes liver fat accumulation of more and more slowly into inflammation. Over time, cirrhosis inevitable. It should be noted that taking some medications, such as acetaminophen and after lowering statin drugs must not be drinking. They exacerbate the degree of liver damage. Alcohol can induce myocarditis. Alcoholism, cardiac cells swelling, necrosis and a series of inflammatory reactions. Under the influence of alcohol, heart rate, cardiac oxygen consumption surge, myocardial damage due to fatigue. Long-term alcohol, alcoholic cardiomyopathy will find the door. The role of alcohol or high blood pressure. Even moderate alcohol consumption, blood pressure will rise. Greatly increase the variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the incidence of risk, such as heart disease, stroke and so on.


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