Do not take a plane after fillings


“Aviation toothache” and no more common in mild symptoms who endodontic lesions, patients without feeling the ground, when faced with pressure to change, toothache will attack. Therefore, the people had no pain symptoms, “aviation toothache” appears if the fly should be checked as soon as possible, treatment. Changes in barometric pressure altitude will cause precipitation to form pulp tissue gas tethered gas, pulp hyperemia, exudate within the pulp can not be immediately removed so that the pulp cavity pressure increased, which in turn causes pain, the so-called “air toothache.” or “pressure toothache.” Pulp acute inflammation may occur on the ground or lower height spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, mostly sharp tingling, each shorter duration may sometimes only a few seconds, down and may ease after landing ; with chronic inflammation, occurs in the higher altitude range toothache, often dull, longer duration, when close to the ground most of the pain disappeared. In addition pulpitis, the deep caries, endodontic treatment is imperfect, cracked teeth, periodontitis, pericoronitis, apical inflammation, or dentin hypersensitivity caused by excessive wear, wedge-shaped defects caused by maxillary sinus go far various types of oral and maxillofacial diseases may induce “air toothache.” In addition, patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or diving operations (especially diving) who needs special attention. If passengers do not have dental caries, pulpitis words such as dental, toothache does not occur when flying. If pain occurs in the plane during routine can take some painkillers to control symptoms, cold compresses can also temporarily relieve pain. With deep caries, periodontal abscess and maxillary sinusitis, it is best to wait until they have recovered before flying. After filling cavities after treatment, the pulp is sometimes increased sensitivity, it is recommended that the public is best not to fly within a day after the fillings.


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