Tips to avoid sports injuries


Never start into formal training. To gradually warming up, so you slowly into the state in order to prepare for formal training. If the cold weather, it is necessary to wear some of the insulation, and extended warm up time. Do not order a large weight to warm up, you can use some flexibility to begin active operations stretching to warm the body, not too much time, about 10 minutes. Let the blood oxygenation, and to transport energy substances to the body. Have contributed to the prevention of sports injuries. Properly trained not only refers to the correctness of each part of the body training methods, but also before and after each exercise reasonable arrangement sequence, accuracy. Because the blood flow to your muscles is to build and protect muscle implementers. Let your desired site in the training continued congestion and maintained as long as possible. For example, after you had finished chest, shoulders tight next practice will be the best choice, but not to practice the leg. Many biceps injuries mostly in the beginning of the training arm – curl exercises. This is because the anti-grip straight bar, improper barbell approach to the elbow caused by excessive pressure. No matter how people say, do not put the barbell curl first action arm training. When the body issue “I die”, “not to practice a” signal, and you continue to ignore this signal its own way, then, you are not far away from sports injuries. To know overload training and overtraining are two distinct concepts of nature, although they differ little in training, but the result is to bring you the exact opposite. Recognize upon is smart and can distinguish between different people in between. When you enter the gym to start training, do not let others distract you. Training, eyes staring you in the mirror and muscle movements. The kind of casual, sports injuries while practicing chatting style training may occur at any time caused. Food is energy substances our continuing progress. No reasonable nutritional supplement, we will be difficult to progress, not at their best. The so-called reasonable is to follow common basis, the maximum to meet the special needs of individuality. Make reasonable nutrition quick fix damaged muscle fibers we intend to make it more robust, so that greatly reduces the chance of sports injuries.

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