What needs to pay attention to the hot springs in winter


Some people love winter, hot springs, a long soak in the hot skin, but also constantly scrub, the skin tends to become dry and itchy rash or broken skin after scratching easily become folliculitis. And spa water temperature is not high enough to kill a variety of bacteria extent, some skin infectious diseases are easily spread through the spring. Experts say the hot springs not more than half an hour. In addition, hot springs, though good, not everyone is safe. Cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure is often the case spas dizziness, palpitations, fainting or even suffocation occurs, it is because a lot of the high temperature spring water so that the skin blood vessels expand, blood stays in the skin and muscles more blood vessels, leading to cardiac or cerebral insufficiency. If the hot springs of these people, pay attention to the water temperature is not too high. Once chest tightness, dizziness, palpitation symptoms, you should immediately leave the spa pool. Under drink, fasting, meal, etc. should not be hot springs, hot springs because the water temperature is a rise in human blood circulation accelerated heart rate, blood pressure, palpitation, sweating; while in the menstrual period or gynecological inflammation Women also should avoid hot springs. The elderly is best to be healthy in body conditions permit, then the hot springs. With skin, respiratory and other infectious diseases who do not go to the hot springs, as against themselves will influence others.

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