Add water to the body


The elderly are most likely to occur in vivo chronic water shortages. This is because plasma renin and adrenaline level was after the progressive decline in middle-aged people, atrial natriuretic peptide secretion, resulting in continued loss of sodium ions in the body, the body’s thirst response to dehydration weakened, usually lack of drinking water, leading to chronic dehydration. Chronic dehydration can cause many diseases, even directly life-threatening.
Cataracts: liquid content of the human eye in high water occurs when the body’s biochemical changes caused by degeneration of the eye lens proteins, ultimately resulting in decreased vision caused lens opacities. Data show that in the past have occurred in an acute dehydration in the elderly, increased risk of cataracts, had two dehydration or chronic diarrhea, a higher incidence of cataracts.
Arrhythmias: by hemodynamic monitoring, when blood volume decreased significantly induced atrial fibrillation, chest tightness, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and so on. Clinicians have been taken for such patients cardioversion shock, the results invalid, and the rapid expansion of intravenous fluids to restore sinus rhythm immediately. Visible, dehydration is one of the bane of arrhythmia.
Thrombosis: blood viscosity is too high is one of the important causes of cerebral thrombosis. The blood viscosity is too high and dyslipidemia in addition to causing “blood muddy”, but one main reason is the body of water. Among them, the most severe dehydration night, cohesion and adhesion of platelets can strengthen, so early in the morning is the peak incidence of cerebral thrombosis.
Accumulation of harmful substances: Chronic water shortages, not only can make decreased urine output, but also make the skin dysfunction, sweat secretion, excretion of metabolites in vivo, resulting in the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, which appeared chronic poisoning. This chronic toxicity hazard is quite large, which can damage various organs, various tissues, accelerate human aging.
Therefore, middle-aged people should pay particular attention to add water. Both seasons, there should be enough water to keep the body. Experts believe that both the amount of water intake, but also timely, in general, a few times drinking better.

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