The morning brush your teeth first or the first drink


After the morning, drink a glass of water has become common knowledge that most people have recognized, I feel this way, bowel, but also the digestive enzymes in saliva into the stomach, when you eat, you can more fully break down food. But in fact, many people have overlooked the point, and that is a good idea to drink plenty of water before brushing. Admittedly, in the morning drinking water is a healthy lifestyle, on the one hand it can replenish lost moisture body metabolism, on the other hand can promote excretion, prevent constipation. And it can dilute the blood, lower blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease in the elderly is particularly important. However, before you drink, the first thing we need to do or should brush your teeth. Because when you sleep at night, easy on the teeth of some residual food residues or dirt, saliva when they are combined with calcium deposition, it is easy to form plaque and tartar. If the direct drink, will these bacteria and dirt into the human body.
However, some people might say that if the first brushing, putting saliva digestive enzymes brush away, would it not a pity?
In fact, the digestive enzymes in saliva only eat when only break down food digestion effect, when eating, it is in the “resting” state. And when people are sleeping, the saliva secretion rarely, so rarely produce digestive enzymes. Also, the body’s digestive enzymes gastrointestinal tract itself, the saliva produced only a small part of its digestion is minimal, even when brushing your teeth to be brushed, it will not affect the digestion of food. Of course, the first drink is not much of a problem, they will be killed in the stomach. So the morning, you should brush your teeth and then drink water.

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