Exercise helps to increase bone density


Osteoporosis is carried out with age and sexual disease, which is characterized by reduced bone mineral density and bone weakness added so highly concurrent fracture. Osteoporosis may be aging, postmenopausal women, endocrine diseases such as formation, the incidence in people over the age of 50 up to 50%. The bone mineral density is an important basis for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, therefore, the elderly should always pay attention to their physical condition, timely measure bone density.
8 signal decreased bone mineral density
1 back pain; 2 heel pain;. 3 woke up the whole body uncomfortable; 4 hand-foot cramps; 5 height decreased; 6 foot standing firm; 7 walk lumbering; 8. often have teeth emerge flu. The following people may have caused decreased bone mineral density: a decline in sex hormones in advance; 2 less sun; 3 sport less than half an hour a day; 4 sleep less than 4 hours; 5 drink carbonated beverages; 6 eat fat. .. .. and fat; 7 diabetics; 8 eat steroids for too long; 9 sweet tooth; 10 drink tea; 11 smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day or more; 12 chronic diarrhea.
In addition, although no special preparation before a bone density test, but there are some considerations to note:
One person 20 years of age is not recommended to detect bone density.
Second, the legs have fractures or joint replacement legs have to do is not recommended to detect bone density.
Third, the heel skin ulcers suggested not detect bone density.
Quantitative high-impact activities can help improve bone density
Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is not only to remember calcium, to increase bone density have a positive campaign. University of Bristol recent U.S. study found that high-impact activities exert a certain amount of bones, help increase bone density. Adolescence begin to exercise, to old age can have a vigorous legs.
The so-called high-impact exercise is meant to include jumping, running, including sports exert some impact on bone and bone joints. Experts suggest that the elderly despite the recession in the natural strength, high-impact sports may be unbearable, but the use of district stadium, within our capabilities to do something, such as brisk walking, skipping exercise and the like, also helps maintain bone health.

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