Calcium can lower blood pressure relieve fatigue


The study found that people with hypertension caused by calcium deficiency is an important factor, and increased calcium intake in the diet, may reduce the incidence of hypertension. Because calcium can prevent the tonic contraction of blood vessels, helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Especially for patients with hypertension, while taking appropriate supplements can improve therapeutic efficacy. Calcium is not only constitutes the main component of bone and teeth, is also involved in heart beat, nerve conduction, blood coagulation and regulation of muscle contraction important physiological processes. In skeletal muscle contraction process, the calcium-binding proteins play a very important role. Calcium deficiency is a variety of troponin levels decreased skeletal muscle contraction function, and the body will feel fatigue. Therefore, frequent fatigue but can not find anything organic disease, should think about whether caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium also has the role of emotional stability, ease anxiety and improve insomnia.

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