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If you have sinusitis, nothing to hum and sing it! Sweden, a research organization recently found that humming five minutes a day, can increase 15-fold in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses airflow than normal breathing. In this way, you can help prevent inflammation of the sinuses and nasal ventilation. Long-term effects of this interesting theory has not yet been confirmed, so realistic approach takes your physician or talk about your allergens and predisposing factors, and then try to avoid the occurrence of sinusitis. While still a theoretical speculation, but also helps to keep a daily hum and sing feel good, why not try?
If you ever suffer from an eating disorder symptoms, then you have to pay attention, because the eating disorder for bone injuries may be long-lived. Researchers Denmark and Macao Ross University found that people who suffer from anorexia, the probability of fracture is generally two-fold, while the chance of such a high risk after anorexia cure, remained for 10 years. Anorexia and other eating disorders in patients who also have the same problem. However, the study also pointed out that some of the skeletal injuries may be attributed to continued bad eating habits.

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