Water and soda can relieve stomach flatulence


Reducing salt intake to reduce daily salt intake can help slow the edema and abdominal swelling, in fact, the human body is 80% of the daily intake of sodium is not from the salt shaker in the kitchen, but from processed foods, be sure to drink a lot of daily intake of a sufficient amount of water to help your body flush out excess salt, help your body to stop the expansion. Note that daily intake of at least 2L of water. In the water, add a teaspoon of lemon soda and baked soda on the water for drinking, can neutralize stomach acid and help relieve stomach bloating. Add a little lemon, when it can be transferred to the stomach, eliminating part of the gas. Increase the number of frequent meals to eat every day, reducing the amount of food each meal. Five meals a day, if possible, to enjoy every meal better, reducing the speed of eating well can help you alleviate the bloating oh. Experts recommend drink mint tea mint tea can help improve abnormal flatulence and swelling, while peppermint tea can also help improve retching, while allowing the body to warm up and sweat a lot. Mint tea with fresh flowers can be used to produce from the garden, it is one of the easiest to grow herbs.

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