Do not take a bath before going to sleep


Many people take a bath before bedtime habits can promote blood circulation, relax, and many benefits. But experts have warned that a little too early in the evening bath, wash and sleep, but sleep well, especially people like bath. Can not take a bath before going to bed too late. Studies have found that the body temperature before going to any events, are likely to affect your normal sleep. Because only when your body temperature drops below a certain temperature, you will fall asleep. It looks like a bath before going to bed and let some people out, but in reality is not: relaxed attitude can make bathing, washing dry, can accelerate the body “cool”, so the body begins to release more than you get in the bath in the multiple heat release, the more deeply you go to sleep. Experts say: “So, this does not mean that after a hard day of work you can not wash bath home even become, not just at bedtime bath.” Twelve hours in advance is recommended bathing, or one and a half hours after a meal can. In addition, experts believe that the water temperature 37 ℃ -39 ℃ to the body to stimulate small role is also best to relax.

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