Men Skin Care Tips


After a night of skin metabolism, in fact, not as you imagine so clean, wash cleanser normal use, thoroughly clean the skin while giving the first day of the protection, the skin calm and comfortable, prevent problems. Deterioration or unclean cosmetic products not only will not let the user’s skin, hair, to beautify, and may make the skin becomes rough or produce pigmentation. Therefore, when using cleaning or daily care products, you should first try to avoid using dirty fingers to dig bottles / box products, in order to avoid bacterial infection to the unused portion of the inside; removing cosmetics if not used up, remember Do not back into the bottle, to avoid contamination. Should stay in the bottle after the cosmetics at the stains wipe clean with a paper towel, then cover and tighten. Often with a dry towel and vigorously rub the skin, this will damage and skin irritation, skin long lines. The correct approach is: washing the face with a towel or tissue water on a dry, dry method than using the pull and damage to the skin is much lighter. Especially in the face of long acne, you must use tissues instead of a towel, and a way to press the siphoning of water, so that it will not cause bacterial infection. Facial massage time should be moderate, not too long or too short, must, as skin, skin conditions and age to be. The correct approach is: Generally speaking, neutral skin massage time is 10 minutes. Dry skin massage time is usually 10 – 15 minutes. Oily skin massage time should be controlled within 10 minutes. Allergic skin it is best not to do massage.

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