Jumping exercise helps prevent osteoporosis


Clinical studies have found that doing jumping exercise can stimulate periosteal muscle contraction, thereby induce the growth of bone cells; jumping exercise can also improve the flexibility and toughness of bone, increase bone density, bone cells to delay the aging process, especially in the hip would has good osteogenic stimulation. However, this method must persevere in order to achieve the effect of preventing osteoporosis. Jumping movement is simple, is not limited to the venue, it is suitable for the majority of the elderly widely used. The exercise places after exercise heart rate does not exceed 120 beats / minute prevail, every jump 5 to 10 minutes, times 50 times to 100 times can be. Depending on the circumstances of young people to do more, long-term adherence, prevention of osteoporosis have a good effect. If you feel very boring simply doing jumping jacks, jump rope can be replaced, or do skipping symbolic action, as long as the regular jump can achieve their goals. Also note that when doing jumping jacks the following: First, the ground to be flat, and want, and hard-soled shoes. Note that when you jump in front with a sole, do not touch the ground with the heel to relieve pressure on the knee. Secondly, before meals, do not jump within half an hour after a meal, so as not to affect digestion. Finally, do jumping jacks when you want to maintain a good body balance, so as not to fall when jumping or even fractures. In addition, people with varicose veins, joint disease, and people with limited mobility, as well as the patient has been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis are not suitable.

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