Running fitness essentials


If you have carefully observed the others running, you will find that many people are full sole, sound landing is relatively large. The correct action is in the running, when vacated foot landing to heel first and then transition to the whole foot. This is for an ankle, a knee protection, to prevent the occurrence of periostitis. Arm is not in the running process, maintain balance and coordination of the body, the body is more natural swing, more in line with the rhythm of human movement. When the arm, just remember not leak before hand, does not leak after the elbow, with the pace and swing naturally. Running is kept upright helps improve the body’s respiratory and circulatory systems, and establish normal state to remember. Because you are in the running process, the body is constantly consume energy, prone to fatigue condition, then if you can straighten your spine you will, then you want to improve the situation actually very simple hump. Breathing is far-reaching and running a long time, the general nasal nozzle call, physical decline is more serious way call using the nozzle tip. Jogging as an aerobic exercise regimen, it is necessary to distinguish and fast run.

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