Men diet anti-aging methods


Zinc is an important physiological process of human growth and development, reproductive genetics, immune, endocrine and other essential substances, while reducing the total body zinc can cause immune tissue damage, immune dysfunction. Men in particular, need zinc! Male prostate body there is high concentration of zinc concentrate. On average, women’s zinc intake is only 70 percent of the daily recommended amount, while men are 90%. When zinc deficiency, the pituitary gland is affected, or even appear early Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, to maintain the vitality of men, to keep the spirit of strength, to maintain the immune system, reproductive function is normal, for men, and more zinc supplement is very important. Meat, seafood, oysters are rich in zinc foods, not only to supplement zinc intake can add protein. Eggs, especially the yolk is rich in zinc, a busy business owners can buy an e-boiled egg machine to ensure a daily intake of one egg yolk. Boiled lecithin and milk while taking zinc and absorb the best. In addition, taking fish oil is a good choice. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and other vitamin B complex is not only involved in the body’s metabolism, provide energy, protect nerve cells, the stability nerves, relieve anxiety can also help. In particular, modern men heavy work pressure, nervous tension, B group can help restore energy, relieve fatigue. There are a lot of men will find that once a certain stage more tired, or eating spicy food flavors more, it is easy to mouth ulcers, and this is one of the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency in the body. In addition, B-type pressure groups as well as the prevention of hair loss and hair, reducing the effectiveness of the excessive secretion of sebum. Dark green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich in folate, helps cells repair; liver, fish, whole grains, soy foods, fruits and vegetables have vitamin B6 or nicotinic acid, can maintain healthy skin and slow down the aging; prevalent in the red meat, milk, cheese vitamin B12, can improve the memory and attention.

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