Easy to alleviate back pain therapy


Back pain at night will increase. If the sleeping pad pillow below the knee, it helps to reduce back pressure and relieve pain. Chili is a natural analgesic. Eat chili can alleviate or eliminate back pain. The garlic has a “natural antibiotic” said. After the mashed garlic juice can be put on the back, lying asleep, covered with blankets. After getting up, back pain will disappear. Good car seat height adjustment can relieve lower back pressure. When sitting down, knees height over the hips, the waist will increase pressure over time can lead to chronic low back pain. So long driving seat should remain flat. Aerobic exercise and strength training can help prevent back pain. Such as running, swimming, aerobics, etc. And for those of back pain resulting from improper because the movement can be alleviated by yoga stretching exercise. In many cases, back pain is caused by excessive pressure. Select some relaxing music can calm down, releasing mood, alleviate the symptoms. Meditation and deep breathing is an effective method of decompression, in the morning or evening, choose a more quiet place, sit cross-legged style adopted, close your eyes and concentrate into deeper states of consciousness, its effects and the same back pain treatments good.

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