The correct order of bathing


Why should wash your face on the first? Originally, when you enter the shower room, an open water, it will produce steaming vapor, and the body’s pores will expand when exposed to heat, so if and when you do not have to wash the face first at this time, the accumulation of the day’s dirty face something that will take advantage of your pores to open the door, sneak into your pores. Over time, your pores will be more and more of these dirty things packed, occupying the territory should not belong to them, your acne will face more risk the more, but never to trust other people say to you “youthful beauty pimple pox.”
Also, do not sleep at night that will not be dust attack, so the number of times a day to wash your face should be: get up once before lunch time, before the evening bath time, a total of three times. Wash your face with warm water when bathing, because if long-term use high temperature water, will lead to skin aging, so as to keep the skin youthful sure to wash your face with warm water.

Hot water bath can be biased, so that can effectively promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation and expansion of the pores, the sweat of the body completely discharged. Each discharge one kilogram of human sweat, can take about 540 calories. Make yourself at 40 degrees Celsius in the hot shower for about 10 minutes, you can consume 200 calories! In a relaxed happily bathed in reduced fat, really serve two purposes.
But time should be controlled within 20 minutes, and to ensure good ventilation. When bathing, close your eyes, try to relax. Let nozzle sway back and forth on the skin, some bathing finished, skin and mood can be fully unpacked.

Hair to moisture vapor mixing in this case, the best time to wash your hair had come.

First fully wet hair after applying shampoo water, rub the hair on top of the moment, rinse with water, must remember to rinse, and then evenly with fire bureau ointment or conditioner, gently massage three to five minutes, along with a wide-toothed comb, wash. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water body. Since then, the “bath beauty” bath trilogy announced’re done.

Do not bathe Cuozao: normal skin surface by the sebaceous glands, sweat glands secretion and shedding of epithelial cells form a protective film and acidic cuticle, only 0.1 mm thick, slightly acidic, but it is to prevent the invasion of bacteria and the body’s harmful rays The first line of defense. This layer of “dead skin” to replace the slow pace, the fastest also need ten days. If forced repeatedly rubbed with a towel on the skin, it is easy to damage the skin when bathing, so much shedding layers of epidermal keratinocytes, the skin becomes dry, or even itchy skin, but also allow germs and harmful rays take advantage predispose folliculitis, boils, swelling and other skin diseases.


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  1. ibear says:

    99% of people are wrong not only to the beauty of the bath top priority, but also for the elimination of fatigue, improve sleep have very good results. But you may not know, bathing is also correct order: wash, bath, shampoo.

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