Simple touch of the foot to your health points


Feet side by side, heel side, the distance between a punch and a half feet. At the same time as the toes movement (straight knee) 4 × 8 times. In order to gain a firm body, his hands can hold the chair back. Standing with the former, first his right foot slightly forward with his right foot under the rear of the left heel with a massage inside (ie, lower ankle depression) 4 × 8 times; then the inside of the right foot with his left foot massage with 4 × 8 times . This system of human genital area reflex points can muster hormone stimulation and, more Jianshen related diseases and prevention effectiveness. Lift the right foot first, Raozhi left heel, with his right foot and dorsolateral little toe, foot massage under the ankle with depression 4 × 8 times; then left in the same action with the outside of his right foot massage 4 × 8 times. First with his right foot arch (foot middle depression) left back massage 4 × 8 times; then left foot bow back massage 4 × 8 times. Meridian instep rich, is reflective of human chest area. First with his right foot stepped on the left toe, requiring stomping back and forth from the big toe pressure 4 × 8 times the little toe; then left heel and right toe stepped on 4 × 8 times. Department of the big toe assembly areas of human facial nerve. The big toe and second toe, toe, four toes, the roots of the little toe, is the reflex zones of the throat, esophagus, eye, ear and urinary system. Often crushes and can prevent many diseases and people paying attention.

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