Oatmeal can also be beauty


Cereal for maximum effect than it can be removed and the face of excess body fat and dirt, which thanks to its saponins contained therein, in many detergents, shampoos contain this ingredient. Of course, you can also directly cereal dubbed scrub for face and body. If your hair is particularly vulnerable to the oil, then you can use once every two days, there will be significantly improved results. In addition, cereal also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, when your skin is inflamed when, smear some cereal, also a good choice. If you are tired of the market has been hand scrub products, then add oatmeal with honey or olive oil, or any of your favorite cereal coupled with essential oils, can be mild exfoliates your hands, and also suitable for sensitive skin. Sunburn if you’re not careful, you can also turn to cereal to inflammation. The cereal mixed with cold water, apply to the face, can effectively alleviate facial redness of sunburn. And, eczema, acne, itching, redness and other skin conditions can easily be cured cereal.

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