After the meal cannot do


Do not eat fruits immediately, fruits contain flavonoids compounds after ingestion by intestinal bacterial action into dihydroxy benzoic acid, and intake of vegetables contain thiocyanate, in the role of these two chemicals interfere thyroid function, can lead to non-iodine goiter. Do not drink tea immediately, because tea contains tannins with dietary protein and iron combine to produce colloidal or precipitated material is not easily absorbed, long-term iron deficiency anemia can occur and protein deficiency. Do not immediately drink more water, intragastric pressure will increase immediately after drinking, would not have had time to digest food in the stomach into the small intestine. In addition, after drinking diluted juice, so that reduced gastric digestion, stomach acid is not conducive to sterilization, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease. Do not do strenuous exercise immediately, when strenuous exercise, limb blood flow, affecting the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the secretion of gastric juice to digest the food is not good. Meanwhile the stomach after a meal larger volume, coupled with exercise will result in ptosis.

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