Fitness tricks to save time


Methods: hands flat on the side, showing 9:15 shaped arms that stretch the arms parallel to the ground. Meanwhile, after raising his arms, so that the angle of the arms inside the clock showing 10:10 angle. This action is done four times a day, each repeated 50 times. Not only for the cervical spine, especially health benefits, as well as beauty, slimming effect. If men are feeling back pain and hip pain outside, you can practice “dryland boating” approach is to simulate rowing standing posture, lean forward when standing, his arms extended and parallel to the ground, his fists, then pulled back hard, Meanwhile elbows firmly pressed against the shoulder and back. This process is to keep leaning forward posture. Repeat this action. In addition, you can also try to clamp his hands back, hard, stick around 5 seconds each action.

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