Self massage can relieve insomnia


Head massage. In the bottom-up middle finger pulp alternately massage YINTANG 30 times, then massage along the brow bone Meileng, temple 30 times. Ear massage. To hand thumb, index finger through the ear massage from top to bottom 30, then knead bilateral earlobe 30 times, to red for the degree. Abdominal massage. Before going to sleep supine position, rub your hands, rubbing the belly ring, clockwise and counterclockwise 30 times, in addition to hypnotic effect, there is the role of the spleen and stomach to aid digestion. Neck massage. After the index finger to massage the ear hole next to the mastoid depression sleep 30 times, 30 times just the right neck to neck oppressive degrees. Insomnia is the most common problem occurs in the body of the elderly, sleep is often easily lead to other problems of the body. Older people must follow a regular sleep schedule, going to bed the same time each day, at the same time to get up, the weekend is all about. At the same time, there should be a quiet, comfortable sleep environment. Keep light bedroom dark and quiet, the room temperature is not too cold hot, humidity is not too high or too low. Bedtime window ventilation, so the indoor air fresh. In terms of sleep utensils and sleeping quite particular. Should choose a comfortable bed, sleeping in right lateral as well, can contribute to muscle relaxation, to avoid pressure on the heart. At the same time, to avoid going to bed excited, not eating, drinking less. Recommendations feet with hot water before going to bed. In addition, in order to sleep at night deep during the day should also regularly make the appropriate motion, the proposed option in the afternoon as the workout time.

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