summer swimming fitness needs attention


1, avoid strenuous exercise after swimming
Strenuous exercise immediately after swimming, will increase the burden on the heart; sharp decline in body temperature, the resistance will be weakened, causing colds, sore throat, etc.
2, avoid prolonged exposure to swim
Prolonged exposure will produce sunburn, or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sunburn. To prevent the occurrence of sunburn, after landing the best shade umbrella or shade to have a place to rest, or to protect the skin on the body with a towel, sunscreen or bare spots in the body.
3, avoid activities that do to prepare to swim
Water temperature is usually lower than body temperature, and therefore, must be done before the launch preparation activities, otherwise easily lead to physical discomfort.
4, avoid swimming immediately after eating
After a short break before swimming should be eating, otherwise it will suddenly increase the burden of gastrointestinal, long time prone to gastrointestinal disease.
5, avoid too long swim
Skin to cold stimuli generally have three reaction period. Phase I: After entering the water, the cold stimulation, skin vasoconstriction, pale complexion. Phase II: stay in the water after a certain time, the expansion of surface blood flow, skin pale forwarded by the light red, skin body from the cold warming. Phase III: stay too long, the body temperature is greater than the thermal heat loose hair, skin goose bumps and chills phenomenon. It is contraindicated in summer swim, the water should be timely. Swimming duration should generally not exceed 1.5 to 2 hours.
6, avoid swimming before and after meals
Fasting swimming will affect the appetite and digestion, dizziness, fatigue can also occur in unexpected situations such as swimming; swimming satiety will also affect the digestive function, but also have stomach cramps and even vomiting, abdominal pain phenomenon
7, bogey menstrual period swimming
Swim during menstruation, bacteria easily enter the uterus, fallopian tubes, etc., caused by infection, leading to irregular menstruation, excessive, prolonged menstruation.
8, avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters
When swimming in natural waters, should not rush into the water. Where the waters surrounding the complex and underwater conditions are not suitable for swim, to avoid accidents.
9, bogey fasting swimming
Many people have a hobby swimming feeling that after swimming ashore, will feel hungry, feeling fatigue, which is important because swimming is a physical sport, the magnitude of the large limb muscle activity, the body will consume a lot of energy, heat. If we go for a swim in the fasting, the body can cause low blood sugar, especially in patients with diabetes, the greater the risk of hypoglycemia coma. If the swimmer because fasting blood sugar is low, physical exertion, are particularly vulnerable to water muscle tremors, dizziness, collapse, coma and possibly even directly drowned. Therefore, before the swimmer to swim, appropriate to add some fruit, milk, foods like candy, then swim.
10 alcohol after swimming
Many people love to swim, after drinking wine with friends, for the sake of cool, regardless of their own lives and safety swim, in fact, this is a dangerous way and because people after drinking alcohol will stimulate the brain, resulting in blurred human consciousness, action can not be controlled, then if the water, unable to control their actions, it is very likely lead to extremely serious consequences. In addition, people drink, especially after a lot of drinking, a lot of their body reserves of glucose consumption may lead to hypoglycemia, increase the chance of swimming accidents.


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    With the arrival of summer, refreshing swim become a good way to exercise, but there are many places to swim to note the following eight swimming taboo, we had better keep in mind.

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