Three types of exercise won’t make you healthier but fat


If excessive movement, the human body needs oxygen, nutrients and metabolic products will increase, then it is up to the heart to increase the output of blood to transport. Large amount of exercise, the cardiac output can not meet the needs of the body’s blood oxygen, so that the body is in a state of anaerobic metabolism. Anaerobic exercise is not to use fat as a primary energy release, but mainly by the energy released as the decomposition of glycogen stored in the human body. In the hypoxic environment, fat not only can not be used, but would also produce some of the incomplete oxidation of acidic substances, such as ketones, can reduce the body’s endurance sports. After a short high-intensity sports, blood glucose levels will decrease, causing hunger, then people will boosted appetite, weight loss is extremely unfavorable. During aerobic exercise, the first use of glycogen stored in the body to release energy; 30 minutes after exercise, they start to release energy from the glycogen conversion of fat to release energy. After about one hour sports, sports energy required only to fat for energy-based, that is, just begin to break down fat, people stopped movement, its poor natural weight loss. Human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, mainly divided into white and red muscle fibers of muscle fibers. As a quick explosive exercise, get exercise is mainly white muscle fibers, white muscle fiber cross-sectional thick, so thick muscles developed easily.

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