Endocrine regulation recipe


Lack of sleep can lead to metabolic disorders. Often stays up late or not normal people rest not only old much faster, health will be severely damaged, it can not stay up late at night to try do it! 4 hours or less of sleep per night for four hours, the body’s metabolism of carbohydrate processing will appear on the problem. To improve the quality of sleep, bedtime can be carried out within two to three hours before exercise, can sleep remained stable. Meanwhile, in a hot bath before going to bed or a cup of hot milk is also good. Aerobic exercise to enhance physical energy to reach at least 3 times a week, every 30 minutes after exercise beats per minute up to 130 under aerobic exercise could contribute to health. Do not underestimate this short 30 minutes of physical activity, which in addition can help burn calories, lose weight, but also the oxygen to all parts of the body, enhance metabolic rate, burn fat effectively, the effect will last several hours long . Quickly lose no time to exercise excuses now! Use daily rest time after lunch, walk around in the vicinity of the company, a uniform speed walking, do not have sweaty, you can improve metabolism and help digestion, prevent constipation.

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