Bitten by PET after how to correctly handle the wound


Cats, dogs and other warm-blooded animals may carry rabies virus after being bitten, rabies vaccine must be injected. Bitten by dogs and cats, the first blood of the wound out, then soap repeatedly wash the wound, then rinse with plenty of water, apply iodine. Generally without dressing or sutures. Injection of rabies vaccine, the sooner the better. Within 48 hours after being bitten should be vaccinated as soon as possible. Specific injection time: same day, the first day of each 3,7,14,30 intramuscularly a vaccine. Experts also suggest that rabies vaccine is injected bitten by dogs and cats, because they still carry the virus, it needed injection of rabies vaccine. Being bitten by a horse, first rinse with salt water or cold water, then 2% or 1% alumina salt water sugar dressing wounds, injection of anti-toxin when necessary. Tortoise, turtle, etc. are cold-blooded animals, without being bitten by rabies vaccination, but the best to the hospital for anti-inflammatory. Bitten, do not panic, to prevent the venom spreading and absorption. Lashing wound near and immediately with water, soap or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution, wash the wound and surrounding skin, remove the venom. If lips sucking, the need to ensure the mouth, lips, no damage, no dental caries, or risk of poisoning, suck out the venom immediately spit, gargle. In short, is rushed to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible as well.

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