Beauty vegetables


The reason why white radish with this function, because of its rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c is an antioxidant that can inhibit melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, preventing lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eat white radish can make the skin pale and delicate. Modern research is found that peas are rich in vitamins a primary, could have a vitamin in the body into vitamin a, play a role in moisturizing the skin. Carrot known as “skin food”, can moisturize the skin. In addition, carrots are rich in pectin substances, can be combined with mercury, so that the body of harmful ingredients can be ruled out, the skin looks more delicate rosy. Mushrooms nutritious, rich in protein and vitamins, low fat, no cholesterol. Edible mushrooms make more vigorous female hormone estrogen, anti-old age can make skin beautiful. Cucumber contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, as well as a wealth of acid, to clean and whiten skin, eliminating sunburn and freckles, alleviate skin allergies, is a traditional beauty products saint. Melon containing zinc and magnesium. Zinc can promote human growth and development, magnesium can make people full of energy, ruddy skin pale.

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