Choose their own fitness equipment


Treadmill is a good aerobic exercise equipment, which can effectively improve heart and lung function, promote cardiovascular system function also has a considerable role. Jizou both the best and jogging on a treadmill workout method can achieve fat loss effect is obvious. Both young and old exercise bike is a benefit of aerobic exercise equipment, it is very similar to riding a bicycle, riding through different speeds, you can improve your quality of leg muscle strength and endurance, but also to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Rider and fitness car styling is somewhat similar, it is a way for the body 80% of the movement of the muscles and joints while rare instruments. In addition, it can effectively exercise nerve coordination, especially for young people and the elderly. Main vigorous exercise for the legs, the legs can enhance muscle strength and leg joints ability to improve bone density bone legs to prevent osteoporosis. Boating functional exercise stretching muscles, exercise is particularly evident on the lower back, back pain can ease symptoms and improve the physiological activity of the lower back muscles.

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