Often fish can make older people more energetic


Fish can help people suffering from mental and physical illness risk reduction of nearly 40 percent, allowing older people more active.
Japan’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition staff conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people, the frequency of issues, including their visiting friends and relatives, ease of use of public transport and payment, as well as components of their diet, and found a maximum intake of animal protein Seven years later the degree of human intelligence and the lower 39% of the body’s recession than others.
Muscle to protect us from the pain of fractures hurt, but only adequate intake of protein, muscle was strong. But as we age, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients increasingly weak, and therefore require more protein.

Compared with women, men needed more protein because of its muscle faster decline in old age.
Because fish nutrients it contains omega-3 fatty acids have been widely popular, and omega-3 fatty acids recognized as relieve joint pain, delaying Alzheimer’s best food and stay healthy.
The researchers pointed out that the human body functions and mental decline will give hospitals, nursing homes and a huge burden on the national economy, and therefore, to find more health and longevity of older people in the future approach is imperative.


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