Tears and eye health


Our eyes, particularly the cornea part of the lacrimal gland often have to rely on the supply of water through the blink of an eye, tears turned into a layer of “tear sheet” distributed to the cornea, the eye maintain a comfortable state. Otherwise, it is easy to suffer from dry eye syndrome. Manufacturing and evaporation of tears about the same time, so the lacrimal gland can not produce enough tears, is one of the key factors to stop the occurrence of dry eye. “Tear film” divided into three layers, the outermost layer is oily, the middle is a water-based, the innermost layer is viscous. Under normal circumstances, the liquid content of these three layers equal. If there is uneven phenomenon, such as the combination of which part of the liquid layer is insufficient, the cornea surface appears “dry point”, the final form of dry eye. “Tear film” of the barrier, the beginning of the eye becomes dry, it is only a minor impact, if not given the treatment, chronic inflammation and can bring red eye. Finally, the gradual loss of transparency of the cornea becomes opaque, vision damage, even blindness. Common symptoms of dry eye patients who have “dryness, itching, trachoma, burning sensation, eye feel pressure, fatigue, sensitivity to light, and so on, blink, eyelashes and eye adhesion phenomenon can occur.

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