Chronic fatigue is not cold

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a newly discovered human modern very dangerous disease, it is a group of chronic persistent or recurrent episodes of mental and physical fatigue, poor sleep quality (such as insomnia), memory loss, hair loss, white hair, cognitive decline and some of the physical symptoms (such as back pain, dizziness, headache, etc.) clinical syndrome characterized. “Slow tired” fatigue is the main symptom of chronic diseases, but this is not often say that fatigue fatigue, but severe, extreme fatigue, is still not enough rest after relieve fatigue. In addition to fatigue, the “slow fatigue” also showed insomnia, memory loss, hair loss, hair, back pain and so on. If these symptoms persist for more than three months to six months, it may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, the need for treatment. Many people take the “slow fatigue” is equivalent to the sub-health state, that is not a disease, as long as the rest, strengthening exercises can be removed. But Professor Wang Jinxin Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Prevention Committee experts pointed out that “slow fatigue” is a new man discovered a very dangerous modern diseases alone rest, exercise or eat a refreshing anti-fatigue food, health products, etc., can not solve issue that must be targeted for drug treatment. Initial symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome similar to flu, such as fever, dizziness, sore throat, muscle aches, and now the hospital’s routine testing means they can not find “slow fatigue” in the cause, and therefore tend to treat it as a cold, bungle treatment.

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