Art-loving men healthier


If you are a man who likes to listen to concerts, love visiting art galleries, opera can indulge in men, then congratulations to you, because you will be more healthy than those who do not love the art of men. A new study shows that such men will enjoy life more, and this feeling of pleasure, can bring healthy body. Norwegian University of Science and Technology researchers pointed out that men often take part in cultural activities, health conditions better, think they own healthy proportion is higher than 9% of men do not like these activities, while the proportion of anxiety and depression than other men were low 13% and 12%. The findings were fully considered and coordinated the other factors that may affect men in these areas, such as age, weight, chronic diseases, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and socioeconomic status. The results remind people to pay attention from the cultural activities and physical health. The study also pointed out that, although not as obvious men, but women also because of cultural activities to improve health status, and satisfaction with life.

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