Aerobic exercise to correct misconceptions


Drinking milk after training, especially skim milk, is an ideal choice. Approximately 300 ml of meal “Milk meal” that can provide adequate carbohydrates, whey protein and casein, two different protein absorption rate together, after training the body can provide an endless supply of protein. Low-intensity exercise for fat than high-intensity exercise a higher proportion of energy, the energy consumed by high-intensity exercise More from glycogen reserves. However, it said a high proportion of fat consumed in the low-intensity exercise, and is based on the total amount of calories consumed is not high on the basis of, unless it takes a lot of time. For example, although a lot of sit-ups you this low-intensity exercise, but the total calorie consumption is still relatively low, there will not be much of a breakthrough. And the high intensity exercise can consume considerable amount of heat in a very short time, in which although a relatively low fat proportion, but the overall effect, or high-intensity exercise a large effect on fat loss.

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